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CLBC November 2017

Vol.103 Issue 11







Horse Power

Buy BC rollout in works

Hullcar report delayed

Breaking new ground

Perfecting the straight and narrow

Editorial: A new deal

The good, the bad, the disturbing: climate change

Blueberry growers must rise above the competition

Vitala Foods cracks open free range egg market

Regulating the range

Winner! Winner

Sentence loosened for dairy worker

Farmers must take lead in building public trust

Food system confidence growing but costs still bite

Foodlands Trust initiative moves forward

Cost of record wildfires continues to rise

New range, new challenge

Peace grain yeilds good but drying needed

New hire for research

BC Tree Fruits singled out for excellence

Land commision to allow breweries on farmland

Greens seek limits on foreign ownership

Salmon farms work towards sustainability

Fruit growers stepping up replant lobby

Arctic apples make official debut

3 million pounds!

Cannabis hopes more than a pipe dream

More government regulation needed

Hop farm burns but demand fuels hope

Predators, politicians worry sheep producers

Mother Nature to blame for late cranberries

Hard work pays off for family business

Research breeds better bees for Vancouver Island

Persistence is the key to success: innovation

What investors want

Penicillium is an insidious Blue Meany for

fruit growers

Collaboration key to extension programming

BC sheep breeders honoured with GenOvis awards

Good breeding, feeding are keys to strong replacement ewes

Next Generation

Strong appetite for female purebreds

at fall sales

Range management strategies highlight symposium

Dairy sale average one of the best

Keremeos fair has ambitious plans for future

Leiutenant Governor honoured by 4-H BC


Woodshed: Henderson loses ground

Delicious diet foods

Rising from the ashes [Tamara Leigh]

SEPTEMBER 2017 | KAMLOOPS – With a record wildfire season continuing to burn its way across the province, producers in affected areas are starting to take stock …

Corn rootworm infesting FV crops [Ronda Payne]

SEPTEMBER 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – BC farmers have been spared from the damaging effects of corn rootworm …

Compensation sought for backburn debacle [Tamara Leigh]

SEPTEMBER 2017 | CLINTON – A group of producers is seeking compensation and an apology for damages caused when the BC Wildfire Service lost control …

Buggy season [David Schmidt]

OCTOBER 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – 2017 has been “corn Armageddon” for local growers, says BC Ministry of Agriculture entomologist Tracy Hueppelsheuser.

Co-operatives have potential for BC farmers

OCTOBER 2017 | It’s time for agricultural co-operatives to get some attention in BC. Co-operatives have a long-standing presence in BC agriculture.

Well registration continues to lag expectations

OCTOBER 2017 | KAMLOOPS – Hardly anyone disputes that licencing groundwater use is a good idea but in practical terms it has been an unmitigated disaster in BC.

Hazelnuts rebounding with new varieties, demand

OCTOBER 2017 | GREENDALE – After producing more than a million pounds of nuts per year as little as a decade ago, the BC hazelnut industry has fallen on hard times …

Dairy association incubates artisan cheese association

OCTOBER 2017 | MAPLE RIDGE – Steady interest in cheesemaking has led the BC Dairy Association to incubate a group devoted to raising the stature of BC cheesemakers.

Hullcar report delayed

NOVEMBER 2017 | VICTORIA – One of the first orders of business for the BC NDP after its swearing in July 18 was to order a review of how the government of former Premier …

Farmers must take lead in building public trust

NOVEMBER 2017 | CALGARY, AB – Two-thirds of Canadians consider farmers as trusted sources about the state of Canada’s food system says a new report …

Foodlands Trust initiative moves forward

NOVEMBER 2017 | KELOWNA – FarmFolk/ CityFolk’s Foodlands Trust project has taken another significant step forward with the formal registration and approval …

Predators, politicans worry sheep producers

NOVEMBER 2017 | VICTORIA – The annual meeting and symposium of the BC Sheep Federation (BCSF) in Central Saanich on September 29 began with a panel …

Research breeds better bees for Vancouver Island


NOVEMBER 2017 | DUNCAN – A new initiative on Vancouver Island is bringing together small-scale and commercial beekeepers to breed bees that are better adapted …


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