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Vol.102 Issue 9

There’s trouble right here in Berry City [Peter Mitham]

Seed saving plan will reduce dependence  [David Schmidt]

CHILLIWACK - One of the biggest problems facing small, local farmers is not weather nor weeds; it is access to seeds.

ABBOTSFORD prides itself on being a city in the country but lurking within the heart of its farmland, behind windbreaks and old barn doors, are evils so banal that no one notices them.

Province, industry unite over on-farm weddings

Ministers set priorities for policy framework

BCAC sees gaining public trust a priority

New marketing option pitched to Okanagan cattlemen

Cranberry commission appoints new general manager

Collaborative effort brewing for hops

Rain dampens prospects for hay producers

Farmland exempt from new tax

Oversupply has berry prices crumbling

Dairy industry needs balance in supply and demand

Zero tolerance for abuse

Bryne honoured for contribution to dairy industry

Chilliwack dairy show struggles with numbers

Early harvest looking good for BC tree fruits

New institute for small scale farmers: Island

Seed saving plan will reduce dependence on big seed companies

Brewing giant taps Chilliwack hops, water

Hydro seeks comment on $20 million mitigation fund

Join the conversation or risk losing right to farm

Busy fall for sheep producers

Growers have a nose for white wine grapes

Plebiscite highlights division over wine labelling

Trouble in Berry City: Abbotsford and the ALR

Life experience counts for a lot on Island farm

Westgen opens new facility

Province tops up coupon program

Province ups loan guarantees: beef

Roost Farm Centre offers field to loaf experience

Saying okay to grassland restoration



Land reserve limits foreign impact on farmland [Peter Mitham]

DELTA – The province’s move to tax residential property purchases by foreign nationals has sparked debate among agriculture land advocates for greater scrutiny of farmland acquisitions.