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1 Oct 2016 Final.pdf

Vol.102 Issue 10

BC’s top agriculture newspaper under new ownership

VERNON – Country Life in BC is under new ownership. After 17 years at the helm, publisher and editor Peter Wilding is retiring and has sold the paper to long time sales manager and assistant editor Cathy Glover.

 Country Life in BC is one of the few remaining independent agriculture newspapers in Canada. The monthly publication boasts the highest paid and highest overall circulation of any farm publication in BC and covers every sector of the growing industry. As British Columbia’s agricultural news source since 1915, the paper received a Century Farm award from the provincial government two years ago, honouring its 100th year of continuous publication.


“BC’s commercial farmers and ranchers have been our bread and butter for a very long time, and that’s where we plan to keep our focus,” says Glover. “I’m looking forward to increasing our circulation and increasing our ability to provide news that BC farmers should know in a more timely fashion.”


Cathy Glover started her career in publishing at Western Living magazine, and joined Country Life in BC as the beef editor in 1997. She became the advertising sales manager when Peter Wilding bought the paper in early 2000, and has provided ongoing leadership and direction to Country Life in BC’s team of writers and contributors.


“I’ve always had my hand in publishing, so to be doing this for an industry that I am passionate about is very exciting,” says Glover, who cites BC publishing legend and former Country Life in BC owner Ma Murray as one of her heroes.


With the support of the core group of writers, Country Life in BC will continue to offer high quality news- and event-based stories from writers including David Schmidt, Peter Mitham, Tamara Leigh, Tom Walker, Bob Collins and Ronda Payne.


“What the readers see and what the advertisers experience isn’t going to change much,” says Glover. “Peter will be the first to say that our success over the past 17 years has been a collaborative effort. We wish him all the best on his retirement and are truly looking forward to building on the foundation he’s created.”