CLBC February 2017

Vol.103 Issue 5
MARCH  2017

CLBC March 2017 CLBC March 2017

Vol.103 Issue 1

CLBC February 2017

Corn and the battle with bugs

JANUARY 2017 | A fascinating research study has shown that, when corn seedlings are nibbled by caterpillars, they send out scent compounds to attract parasitic wasps that will come to their rescue.


Vol.103 Issue 1

Bright Greens







farmworkers in a BC field

Chilliwack dairy fined [Peter Mitham]

Dairy vs eggs in OYF competition [David Schmidt]

FEBRUARY 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – After graduating from high school, Gary Baars hung up a shingle as TNT Agri-Services, offering “relief milking and much more.” On January 11, that “much more” made the now 33-year-old Chilliwack dairyman, hay salesman andcattle dealer and his wife, Marie (26) …

FEBRUARY 2017 | CHILLIWACK – The first installments towards $345,000 in fines and surcharges levied in a headline-grabbing case of animal abuse on a Fraser Valley dairy farm were paid last month, with the dairy farmers at the case’s heart pledging to ensure the situation never repeats itself.

Cultivating a spirit of truth and reconciliation

FEBRUARY 2017 | BC’s agri-food sector is thriving. Our local food economy has been gaining ground in the hearts and minds of BC residents who recognize the value of purchasing food from close to home.


Can Trump really make America great again?

FEBRUARY 2017 | In global terms, Canada’s political reality can be likened to living in the attic of a large house with a family of boisterous neighbours on the main floor who aren’t getting along well with the folks in the basement.


Walking the talk

FEBRUARY 2017 | Rules and standards are great but only if you follow and enforce them. Some rules are easy to keep; others require the fear of enforcement to make us obey.


Bright Greens

Help wanted [Peter Mitham]

farmworkers in a BC field

Freight farm feeds local niche [Tamara Leigh]

JANUARY 2017 | SAANICH – From inside a refurbished freight container, the future of farming is extremely bright. Ribbons of red and blue LED grow lights hang from the ceiling, super-charging the growth of vertical columns of greens.

JANUARY 2017 | VANCOUVER – Demand for farm workers will hit 45,000 by 2025, up from approximately 43,300 in 2014, and while the increase doesn’t sound like a lot, an older, diminishing farm work force means there are a lot fewer people available  than there was once was.

JANUARY 2017 | VANCOUVER – The BC Milk Marketing Board is beginning another review of its quota and solids-non-fat policies, producers were told at the BCMMB annual meeting and producer meeting in Vancouver on December 2.

Marketing board reviewing dairy quota [David Schmidt]

Water flows south of border worrisome

JANUARY 2017 | Washington State legislators have received a sobering report regarding the outlook for water supplies in the state’s interior.


All together, now

JANUARY 2017 | January is a time of new beginnings and fresh resolve. We make resolutions and hope to do better. We reflect on what happened last year and set goals for the year ahead.


Mother Nature packs a wallop [David Schmidt]

March 2017 | CHILLIWACK – Collapsed barns and greenhouses, missed milk shipments and broken trees: the early February storm which blanketed the Lower Mainland with snow and freezing rain left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Snow topples greenhouse

Safety without borders [Peter Mitham]

MARCH 2017 | KENNEWICK, WA – Knowing what the competition is doing is one reason many BC winemakers and grapegrowers attend the annual meeting of Washington Winegrowers each winter in Kennewick, Washington.

Ag Safety Week

On the election trail [Tamara Leigh]

MARCH 2017 | Country Life in BC asked each of the political parties with sitting MLAs for their roster of candidates with agricultural expertise, and here’s what they came back with.

Well licensing deadline extended [David Schmidt]

FEBRUARY 2017 | VICTORIA – Due to an underwhelming response by users to register their wells, the province has extended its waiver of the application fee …

Maple Ridge development

Hazelnut growers eye new varieties [David Schmidt]


MARCH 2017 | MAPLE RIDGE – BC’s Lower Mainland is a land divided, thanks in large part to the creation of the Agricultural Land Reserve following the election of Dave Barrett as premier 45 years ago this year.

MARCH 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – BC hazelnut growers packed seminars and their annual meeting at the Pacific Agriculture Show in Abbotsford on January 28.

Pressures increasing north of Fraser [Peter Mitham]

Dairy calf

What the public really thinks about dairies

MARCH 2017 | While the European Union has delved to some degree into public views about agriculture and how livestock is cared for, little has been done to find out the public’s expectations in Canada and the US.


Sustainability, supply management go hand-in-hand

Broiler chickens

MARCH 2017 | Business people sometimes wince when the word “sustainability” is mentioned because they relate it to “going green.” However, definitions of “sustainability” rarely include the word “green.”



Mind your business

MARCH 2017 | BC agriculture minister Norm Letnick reeled off a string of numbers that should have stirred pride in the heart of any farmer listening to him at this year’s BC Agriculture Gala in Abbotsford.


Food testing within reach [Barbara Johnstone-Grimmer]

MARCH 2017 | PORT ALBERNI – How is it that a tiny island in Washington state has the first farmer-run community food safety lab in the US, satisfying the rigid requirements of the US Department of Agriculture and the US Food Safety Modernization Act?

Food testing lab

Richmond grapples with home size [Peter Mitham]

FEBRUARY 2017 | RICHMOND – Richmond is banning short-term rentals in the city but agri-tourism operations are exempt – for now.


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