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Vancouver tops BC in farm growth

In Good Hands

Rain's a pain, farmers say

Editorial: Fresh start


Back Forty: Census offers reality check


Agriculture council pledges to work with parties


Pork industry optimitic despite lean times


Vegetable commission priotizies trust, integrity


Fairs reach out-of-court settlement


Richmond sets large limit on farmhouse size


Drones promise to scare birds for berry growers



Ranchers resist expanding public roaming rights


Letter: Seasonal farm workers find

 Canada a second home


Letter: Right to roam wrong


A national voice for greenhouse growers


Hothouse growers reduce risk with IPM strategies


Sidebar: Biocontrols cut costs


Training pregps advisors for growing demand


Hop growers hepped up about future


Controlling hop-loving pests necessary evil


YA mark five years of support small-scale ag


Wise Earth tracks numbers to plant savvy, sell smart


A wise approach to leases, labour and local



BC's climate makes hardneck garlic a viable route


Northern athlete dives into beef marketing

Abattoirs target food safety, labour shortage


Volatile beef market raises questions, few answers


BC feedlot sector prepares cattle disease emergency plan


Drones ride a sky-high range in search of cattle


Spring fling connects sponsors with classroom outreach


Better management underpins farm improvement


Small farmers make it work in Alberni Valley


BCYF tour highlights fish and dairy management


4-H members on the quest for a future with food


Program delivery underway


Wannabe - All things big and small


Woodshed: How Henderson came to be at the end of his rope


Jude's Kitchen: Summer patio treats

Vol.103 Issue 6
JUNE 2017

CLBC April 2017 cover CLBC June 2017

APRIL 2017 | VANCOUVER – Last year was significant for egg producers as it marked the start of the industry’s move out of conventional cage layer production systems.







APRIL 2017 | KAMLOOPS – The education program for the BC Honey Producers Association (BCHPA) semi-annual meeting in Kamloops in early March was host to a full house.

APRIL 2017 | NANAIMO – There are few events as diverse as the Certified Organic Associations of BC (COABC) conference each year.

APRIL 2017 | MISSION – John Kerkhoven farms 350 acres at Deroche on Nicomen Island where he milks 100 cattle and runs a 60,000-square-foot cut-flower operation.

Study puts flooding costs at $1 billion [Peter Mitham]

John Kerkhoven Brad Reid Award - COABC

APRIL 2017 | Much of the time, the public’s understanding about farming is based on click-bait articles on social media and attention-grabbing headlines.

Public trust needs to be built [Stan Vander Waal]

Stan Vander Waal

Blossoming markets face growing pains [Peter Mitham]

Farmers Market

APRIL 2017 | NEW WESTMINSTER – The explosive growth in BC farmers markets over the past decade is presenting operators and vendors with hard questions as they embark on a new season.


Farmers in growing battle against waterfowl
[Peter Mitham]


MAY 2017 | DELTA – The past five years have seen close to half of Metro Vancouver’s new industrial construction occur in Delta and Surrey, thanks to the South Fraser Perimeter Road opening and the availability of acreages suitable for warehouses.

Chickens - layers

Clock ticking for organic certification [Tamara Leigh]

Honey producers talk trade, farm status [Tom Walker]

Shortened timeline on cage-free birds [David Schmidt]

Council welcomes fish farmers to table [David Schmidt]

Fish Farm

MAY 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – The BC Agriculture Council is adding aquaculture to its roster. “We farm animals and this is the group that farms animals,” …

When producers, special interest groups collide

MAY 2017 | It's hard to pin down when the BC Sheep Federation officially began addressing interactions between wild and domestic sheep and disease transfer between the two populations.


Parties offer competing visions of ag [Tamara Leigh]

MAY 2017 | VICTORIA – Agriculture took a surprising spin in the public spotlight before the writ even dropped for the provincial election this year.

Fraser Valley Aerial

Fully subscribed [David Schmidt]

MAY 2017 | ABBOTSFORD – The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program continues to be most popular with farmers.

EFP Garnett Etsell

MAY 2017 | KELOWNA – The lack of a single, consistent standard for farm worker housing in BC is creating headaches for farmers.

Rhonda Driediger

Worker housing concerns growing [Peter Mitham]

Ranchers work ‘dam’ hard for public’s benefit [Kevin Boon]

JUNE 2017 | The one thing we can be certain about with water is that we will either have too much or not enough!

Garlic co-op pitched [Ronda Payne]

JUNE 2017 | LUMBY – Hardneck garlic grows superbly in BC and is different than the softneck varieties grown in hotter climates that grocery stores traditionally carry.

Small farm expo postponed [Tamara Leigh]

JUNE 2017 | SURREY – Organizers of a new educational forum for small lot growers have cancelled the June event and are rescheduling for April 2018.

Richmond sets large limit on farmhouse size [Peter Mitham]

JUNE 2017 | RICHMOND – Richmond council’s decision to permit farmhouses up to 10,764 square feet without having to seek a variance didn’t come without a fight.

Richmond farmhouse

Ranchers resist expanding public roaming rights [Barbara Johnstone Grimmer]

JUNE 2017 | KAMLOOPS – The Right to Roam Act introduced by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver has BC ranchers and rural property owners concerned …

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