Country Life in BC

March 2019

Reducing waste will save money on winter feed

Put your money in the bank

VERNON – Mike Witt, owner of Witt Precision Ag in Lavington, says the first step to cutting feed costs in winter […]

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October 2018

Cherry growers hit hardest by wildfire smoke

Apple growers benefit, while grape growers optimistic

KELOWNA – Cooler, clearer weather has finally beaten back smoke from the province’s worst wildfire season on record that delivered […]

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August 2018

Armyworm posing little risk this season

Insect ravaged Island, coastal forage crops last year

PORT ALBERNI – Researchers continue to look for answers to last year’s unusual armyworm outbreak on Vancouver Island and in […]

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August 2018

Forage action plan nears completion

Wildlife tops list of challenges for producers

SMITHERS – The province is developing a forage action plan for private land, BC Cattlemen’s Association members heard at their […]

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