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Country Life in BC has been proudly delivering news to BC farmers and ranchers since 1915. Every month, our subscribers turn to Country Life in BC to find out what [and who] is making news in BC agriculture and how those events [and people] may affect their farms, ranches and agri-businesses. They also use Country Life in BC as their monthly resource for businesses and services that will help their farms grow!

Country Life in BC boasts the highest paid and highest overall circulation of any farm publication in BC and we are the only one that covers every sector of our growing industry. Our exclusive and award winning news- and event-based stories are tailored to be of specific interest to the commercial farmers of British Columbia.

We publish monthly and deliver more value for your advertising dollar than any other BC farm publication.

BC farmers and ranchers trust Country Life in BC to deliver the news and stories that will help them understand their industry and grow their businesses. You can, too!

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JUNE 2024
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