Country Life in BC

February 19, 2019

Grading requirements changing


Ottawa is making further changes to grading standards for agricultural products, this time changing the requirements for peas and lentils.

Beginning August 1, only registered varieties of peas and lentils will be eligible for a “No. 1 Canada” grade. All other varieties will be eligible for nothing higher than “No. 3 Canada,” the lowest grade established by regulation.

The change reflects the fact that the majority of peas and lentils grown in Canada are now registered varieties.

While neither crop is widely grown in BC, approximately 3% of BC field crop production is devoted to peas. Peas and lentils were planted on nearly 49,300 acres in 2016, primarily in the Peace. Most of the harvest is exported.

The change follows a federal decision to change grade designations for honey.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations that take effect in 2021 will eliminate “Canada” from the “No. 1” grade designation for honey.

While the new grading standards for peas and lentils aim to shut out non-registered product, the change to honey grades accommodates honeys that may include imported product.